Our Services

River Health Management

Waterway Condition Assessments
Riverine Biodiversity Assessments and Management
Capital Works Strategies
Capital works specifications and designs
Developer and Private works negotiations
Maintenance strategies and plans
Strategic program planning
Developer Works Applications
Habitats and Fish passage management
Riparian Management programs
Project Management
Independent project reviews

Water Quality Management

Water Sensitive Urban Design and Sensitive Cities
Water Quality Investigations & Assessments
Water Quality monitoring programs for EPA and Developer Assurance
Industrial wastewater and site management
Wastewater management and reuse
VPP clause 56.07.4 requirements and design
VPP clause 56.08 – requirements and design
Sewage treatment and reuse

Dam, Lake and Wetland Management

Natural Wetland design & management planning
Wildlife Wetland and Habitat design and Management
Artificial lake and wetland design and management strategies
Farm water supply management
Lake and Wetland rehabilitation plans
Algal Management Plans
Town Planning and Water Licence applications
Waterbody safety audits

Integrated Water Cycle Management

Hydraulic assessments
Integrated water management and reuse
Water Sensitive Cities Design
Stormwater harvesting and reuse
Design service for developers and architects
Landscape integration
Site construction management plans

Water Health Risk Assessment & Management

Public Health Risk Assessments
Protocols and Implementation Plans for Risk Assessment and Management Frameworks (HACCP, NHMRC, etc.)
Water Quality Risk Management Planning, Auditing and Training
Drinking and Farm Water Quality Studies

Wastewater Management and Reuse

Wastewater treatment and reuse Option assessments
Industrial treatment assessments
Designs and specifications for works
Upgrade requirement assessments
Difficult site resolutions
EPA Works Approvals
Site risk assessments

Land and Biodiversity Management

Sustainable development planning
Vegetation management planning
Habitat hectare assessments
Weed management strategies
Riparian management planning and programming
Land and Reserve Management Strategies
Farm Management Plans
Quality assurance management plans
Rural Land Stormwater Management Plans
Catchment Biodiversity Management Plans

Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental sensitivity assessment
Remediation plans
Environmental site of significance management plans
Site Construction Management Plans
Project Audits

Other Services

Community engagement and consultation

Training and Tours

Organisation of industry tours
Organisation of industry training on waterway and water quality management